Takeback Scheme


Every year almost 150 million tonnes of clothing and shoes are sold worldwide . The majority of this ends up in landfills or is incinerated instead of being reused or recycled. Key reasons for this, “fast fashion,” a business model based on the fabrication of hyper trends, low consumer awareness and urgency and a lack of collection structures in many countries. The traditional linear supply chain based on the “take – make – waste” business model is unsustainable. 

current fashion cycle

Circular Economy in the Textile Industry

A circular economy industry approach can lead to positive change. Pre-loved clothing and shoes would circulate in closed product and material cycles and be used continuously in the manufacturing of new products.

We are committed to this vision. 

What we can do to help!

Step 1
Once your VBC clothes have reached their end, send it back to us! You will receive a 10% discount code for a future order as a thank you.

Step 2
If it's in good condition we donate to a clothing charity that can benefit from and reuse the clothes in their current form.

Step 3
If the clothes are beyond repair or reuse, we will send these back to our manufacturer who will reuse the raw fabrics for new products.


Simple. ✌️Together we can all make a difference