Earthlings Documentary

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Out of these three documentaries, Earthlings is by far the hardest to watch. Earthling delves into a huge reason why people become vegan and stick to a vegan diet; to prevent animal cruelty. Earthlings is an undercover documentary that was released in 2005. It was directed by Shaun Monson and was narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. In the film, undercover cameras film the cruel practices towards animals that go on daily in the United States. Earthlings cover pet breeding, the meat, dairy, and egg industries, and animal abuse in cosmetics and fashion. Earthlings is a documentary that is very confrontational, and therefore, hard to watch. That being said, it also gives people the final push to completely transform their lifestyle. I recommend watching Earthlings if and when you feel ready to. In the meantime, some less confrontational videos that are available on YouTube which highlight animal abuse include "The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear" by Gary Yourofsky, and "101 Reasons to go Vegan."
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