5 Places you can buy Vegan Watches

Watches don’t have to harm animals in order to be stylish. Check out these amazing brands that are using a range of sustainable materials to make fashionable watches.

Votch: vegan leather watch straps + 10% of profits given to charity

Votch is a cruelty-free watch company that creates stylish accessories without harming animals in the process. They are always looking for the most innovative sustainable materials to use for watch straps, with their latest being a blend of TPE, polyester, and cotton. Every three months Votch partners with a different charity and donates 10% of their profits to them.

Time IV Change: recycled aluminum + vegan leather + 10% of profits given to charity

Time IV Change strives towards minimizing the impact their production has on animals, people and the environment. Their vegan watches not only protect animals from slaughter but also helps better our environment by preventing thousands of gallons of water waste.

NOX-BRIDGE: vegan leather watch straps

Nox-Bridge embodies the notion that watches can be high quality as well as produced without harming animals. Their products are 100% vegan, including a water-resistant vegan leather strap.

Hurtig Lane: stainless steel, nylon or vegan leather watch straps

Hurtig Lane promises to use no animal products in any of their watches, jewelry or accessories. They use synthetic leather for watch straps and even the cosmetics worn in their pictures have been checked for animal testing before use.

Fjordson: vegan leather watch straps

Fjordson makes vegan-friendly watches for outdoor adventurers. It was founded by explorer Roy when he realized he couldn’t find affordable watches based on the slick, Scandinavian minimalist design. They are part of the Peta-Approved vegan community. 

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